When opening a new restaurant, lounge or bar, there are many factors that must be considered in operation of your establishment within regulated guidelines. Food & Beverage safety sanitation is a major concern that may affect your operation on countless levels. If your establishment receives an unsatisfactory result on governing health agency inspection reports, the effect of negative publicity may result in the public scrutinizing of your establishment which may damage your reputation and revenue. Your establishment which may have once had high recommendations will now be considered as an alternative. JVC Food Safety Specialists Inc. provides a variety of services that include but not limited to; unannounced routine and HACCP inspections, staff training as well as developing site specific HACCP and Risk Assessment programs in order to implement the most current food & beverage safety regulations. If in fact a potential food or beverage borne illness is detected within your facility, JVC Food Safety Specialists Inc. will provide assistance and guidance within the necessary procedures required during an alleged outbreak.

Within our personalized format of inspection, we utilize techniques to pre-identify violations and evaluate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Good Management Practices (GMPs) while assessing equipment, water & sewage systems, garbage disposal, pest control and structural components. Our preventive measures will minimize any sanitation issue prior to potential outbreaks or unfavorable governing health agency inspection results.

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