Jimmy Vigilante (JVC) has been a vital part in our business as we rely on him to provide valuable information and excellent service to our 17 venues. As the CEO of The Light Group I am extremely satisfied with the F&B Safety and Environmental Health Services he provides to my company. I have been using his services since 2001 when he was at Bellagio and we opened our first venue. I have continued using his services even after he went independent in 2006 as I trust his experience and knowledge. He is essential to my company’s success in Las Vegas and to anyone in the hospitality industry.   

Andy Masi   CEO Light Group

I have been lucky to use the services of Mr Jimmy Vigilante for the better part of the past 5 years. Jimmy has been with me for openings for over 10 multi-million dollar high profile venues, countless health inspections, classroom trainings and plan reviews. His knowledge, experience and relentlessness to please his client have lead me to never getting less than an “A” on any inspection or never opened later due to sanitation reasons.
Jimmy is well versed in all areas. I used him for many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, a pool venue and even a bowling alley. Jimmy is always a phone call or email away from advising me in the correct direction. I have learned much from this man and I often hear his words coming from my mouth while instructing staff, both front and back of the house. Jimmy is 100% an asset to any company that choose to utilize his services.    

Mark Steele / Sugar Factory / Cabo Wabo

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with the services provided by JVC. Responsible hospitality companies need responsible partners to care for the work required, as well as provide professionally sound advice.
Over the years JVC has exceeded the expectations and formed a true alliance with our team. JVC produces quality results as well as trust. A true leader in the industry and an extraordinary business partner.

Deborah Krause   CEO    A5 Group  

I have had the pleasure of working with Jimmy in the past and could not think of anyone else to offer thier expertise throughout the United States than JVC Food Safety Specialists Inc. Pinnacle Entertainment is very pleased with the business relationship that we share with JVC Food Saftey Specialists Inc. We have found JVC’s services to be dependable, responsive, educational and accurate. Jimmy’s attention to detail and willingness to listen with our corporations prerequisite is necessary within our corporate structure.” We are extremely satisfied with the services of JVC.

Win Person
Corporate Vice President of Food & Beverage
Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.

Your service was invaluable to me at Lagudi Enterprises . You were a major part of our success and team. I highly recommend you and your service to any food establishment. I truly believe that any company cannot afford to not have your service. You are the food safety expert.

Paul Lagudi   Lagudi Enterprises / Las Vegas, Nevada

I have personally known Jimmy Vigilante, the President of JVC Food Safety Specialists for nine years. In 2005, Lagudi Enterprises contracted Jimmy to oversee and audit its environmental safety procedures. Jimmy has helped us to set standards for management and personnel, food operations, and the proper care of equipment. JVC has provided Lagudi Enterprises with superior food establishment inspections, and FDA notification upon recalled foods on a regular routine basis in order to assure our customers the best quality products that we produce. At all times, I have found JVC Food Safety Specialists Inc to be a pro-active and depenable approach to our operation. I am happy tp to provide further information if required.

Todd Ponder C.O.O       Lagudi Enterprises / Las Vegas, Nevada

I have known Jimmy Vigilante for about five years now.  Jimmy has worked by my side as a Corporate Executive and through his own company JVC Food Safety Specialist, which is second to none.  No matter either way, he has the same keen and electrifying attitude that is extremely motivational as he has a unique training technique.  Jimmy has been instrumental with his thorough sanitation inspections through numerous food and beverage outlets.  Most importantly he has the charisma to deal with multiple personalities in the food and beverage industry at a major resort.  Recently Jimmy continues to mediate for industry to assist in defining, communicating, and advising of the new Southern Nevada Health Regulations.  You can’t go wrong with Jimmy. 

Rocky Bevevino | Director of Stewarding / Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada
I was fortunate to work with Jimmy Vigilante on the River City Casino opening.  Jimmy guided us through all of the health and sanitation needs for the Casino’s Food & Beverage department. Jimmy came with a wealth of knowledge and structured systems; he worked hand in hand with both the stewarding department and managers. Even more importantly, Jimmy he helped us to create a clean as you go culture.
Jimmy was instrumental in pointing out potential slip and fall risks as well as constructions short comings. Thanks to Jimmy, we opened on time, with a well trained staff and a 100% on our first inspection from the health department. To date, we have maintained an “A” rating in all of our outlets. The health department continues to use us as a model for other restaurants. Jimmy is truly a dedicated professional, and is always looking to set higher goals and standards – regardless of the task at hand.” I would highly recommend him to anyone that seeks to improve their facility.

David Begonis

Senior Director of Food & Beverage
River City Casino

I have had the pleasure of working with Jimmy Vigilante for almost ten years now.  My group has owned nightclubs and restaurants on and off the strip.  Jimmy has played an integral role in training our staff and in preventative maintenance.  He had truly been an asset to our business success.

Greg Jarmolowich
Supernova Entertainment
Republic Kitchen and Bar

I have known Jimmy since 2005 when I worked with him at the Bellagio.  He has always been the most knowledgeable and reliable sanitation expert around. Needing an excellent speaker at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Las Vegas, I could think of no one better to come and speak to our students as an industry professional in regards to the importance of Food Safety and Environmental Health.  Jimmy volunteers his time about twice a year to speak to our students in both Sanitation and Purchasing classes, and is a favorite among the students and facility alike!  Jimmy’s natural ability to captivate his audience makes it impossible for you not to learn something every time you meet with him! He is truly a pleasure to work with!

Fran Butvich Career Advisor / The Art Institute of Las Vegas / The International Culinary School

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